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Wedding Band Trends

February 5, 2020 (0) Comments

Wedding Band Trends

Ready for your diamond ring to have some company? Choosing a wedding band is an exciting experience—and many couples enjoy picking out their bands together.

Here’s a look at what’s trending, according to Jared Robbins at Bowen Jewelry Company in Downtown Lynchburg.

Colored Gems—From your birthstone to your favorite hue, a colored gem gives your classic ring a fun pop of personality.

Yellow Gold—For years, white gold or platinum prevailed, but Robbins says yellow gold has been making a comeback.

Mismatched Styles—It’s completely acceptable, and very popular, for 2020 brides to choose a wedding band that’s a different style from their engagement ring—even a different colored metal!

Newer Alternative Metals—
For men, Robbins says Damascus steel is a popular choice while the once trendy tungsten is starting to wane. For most alternative metal rings, they also include a silicone band for more active use.

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