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The Newlywed Look

November 1, 2021 (0) Comments

The Newlywed Look

Creating a cozy sweetheart table

Call it the unsung hero of your wedding reception decor. That’s because the sweetheart table pulls double duty, serving not only as another place to display a chic centerpiece, but also as you and your spouse’s spot to take a small—and often much needed—break.

First off, get some space. Make sure your table is truly set apart from the rest of the wedding guests, even if it’s just by a few extra feet.

This will ensure you have the privacy to chat without others listening in. (Who knows, you might even get to eat a little bit, too!)

But it’s your special day—make your “space” stand out! For outside venues, a chandelier hanging from an overhead tree branch is a classy, romantic touch. Inside, a dramatic banner announcing your marriage behind the table is a simple, eye-catching display. Or, keep it simple with a pop of color in your tablecloth.

Go wild with flowers. Save the small stems for the guest tables. The sweetheart table is where your florist can place a larger, vibrant arrangement or even use garland to decorate the chairs.

Finally, make your nook comfortable. For a plush experience, consider tossing those straight-backed chairs to the side and bringing in a comfy couch. (Trust us, your lower back will thank you later!) Add personal touches to the table such as champagne flutes with your nicknames for each other or handmade signs hanging on the back of each chair.

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