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Groomed for Success: Getting the husband-to-be involved

March 3, 2016 (0) Comments

Groomed for Success: Getting the husband-to-be involved

Typically, it is the bride who dreams of a wedding all of her life and does most of the work to make her dream wedding come true. This doesn’t mean that the groom can’t help out along the way. From a little to total participation, there is always a way to get the husband-to-be involved.

One way the groom can be involved is to help pick the music that is played at the wedding and reception. Music that is special to both the groom and bride can make the ceremony more meaningful. If there will be a performer or DJ, let the groom help choose who it is and what they will play.

Suit Up
It is a big day for him, too! Let the groom pick out the suits or tuxedos that he and his groomsman will wear. This could mean taking him out to a local store to browse or surfing online. Whether it’s a two- or three-piece, single or double breasted, two or three button, the perfect suit is waiting for him.

Invitations and Seating
When it comes to his side of the family, the groom’s input on who to invite and where to seat them is invaluable.
The groom will best know the nuances of his family and friends, who will get along and who might want a little distance between them.

Second Opinion
The groom’s involvement in the planning can be as little as giving a second opinion when the bride can’t quite decide. This can be especially helpful in long-distance relationships, as the groom may not physically be there to help plan. You will be a team for the rest of your lives, so you might as well start now.

A bride can always use help getting everything done for her wedding, and these simple tips can help keep the groom invested and the bride relaxed.

–By James Ebrahim

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