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Fresh and Feminine

December 12, 2019 (0) Comments

Fresh and Feminine

What’s In and What’s Out for Bridal Makeup in 2020

As with all things fashion, makeup trends come and go—some in the blink of an eye, others sticking around long after their novelty has worn off. Here, we explore some exciting new bridal makeup trends for the 2020 wedding season, say goodbye to a few fads past their prime, and update a couple of perennial overachievers that are still going strong!

New Trends

Rosy Hues
2020 bridal makeup is coming up roses! The recent bridal fashion shows have been dripping with rosy hues from the softest pink flush to just-bitten berry—and everything in between! Romantic rose tones have edged out the previously popular bronzy shades as the preferred color palette for the coming year. Pink cheeks, plum pouts, and even colorful lids are converging to offer an ultra-feminine look. Although neutrals are always in heavy rotation, try combining them with any of these fresh, youthful-feeling shades and embrace the fanciful inspiration of pink!

Tamed Brows
For several seasons, we have seen thicker eyebrows dominating the makeup scene, and not always in the most flattering of ways. Brows have been stamped, overdrawn and exaggerated… contributing to so many awesomely terrible memes! 2020 looks to be ushering in a refreshing return to simplicity, so now is the time to rethink your 9-step brow routine and lighten up! The current brow is still full, subtly defined and groomed—but not overdone. It frames the eye without taking over the face. Bottom line for brows: Full is fresh, fake is fired!

Satiny Skin
Hydrated, healthy-looking skin is the coveted essential for every 2020 bride. Dull matte complexions appear stale by comparison, so makeup artists are opting for high-quality skin prep and foundations with a satin finish. This gives the skin a modern look with a soft sheen—nothing heavy or powdery, which can be aging.

Not surprisingly, this means goodbye airbrush! Over the past few years, industry pros have been straying progressively further away from airbrush or abandoning it altogether. (You can almost hear the rejoicing of ladies with any type of texture on the skin—think dryness, acne, fine lines, etc.—as airbrush was never their best option and only highlighted those surface annoyances.) As evidenced by a plethora of late-night infomercials, airbrush has been retired as an artist’s tool and repositioned as a retail product being placed in every consumer makeup kit across the country. Such is the lifecycle of trends, but this one had a good run!

The ever-innovating professional cosmetic brands keep outdoing themselves with newer and better formulas of liquid foundation designed to outperform, outlast, and even photograph so much better than the old mainstays. Although hand blending is an art and does take a little longer, it is 100% worth the extra effort and you will truly notice and appreciate the difference! So when it comes to complexions: Clean is current, cakey is canceled!

Bold Lips
This year any lip color is fashionable—as long as it’s BOLD! Statement lips have taken over, and it’s about time. Move over wimpy neutrals—fuchsias, burgundies, and reds all look amazing with a wedding dress. These passionate shades will turn heads and make for unapologetically vibrant pouts; glossy or matte, bold is the way to go! So be adventurous and give daring lips a try—after all, on your wedding day all eyes will be on you, so give them something to stare at! For a popular pout: Bold is best, bland is blasé!

Staying Put

Fashion can sometimes be fickle, but brides can still rely on these two staples that don’t appear to be leaving the scene anytime soon:

Winged Eyeliner
Whether a bold swoop or a flirty flick, winged eyeliner is still making its mark, and it’s easy to understand why. This style of liner can simultaneously feel retro and modern, sophisticated and fun. What’s not to love?

Dramatic Lashes
If your dream wedding look is all about the eyes, look no further than faux lashes. Even if you have great natural lashes, give falsies a try! There’s just something about the way they frame the eye and pull focus better than even the best natural lashes can. There are many styles and lengths to choose from, so try a pair prior to the wedding day to gauge what you personally prefer.

By Chantay of In Your Face Makeup Art

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