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Bring on the Rain

December 20, 2018 (0) Comments

Bring on the Rain

It’s one of the biggest worries for brides ahead of their wedding day—and it’s something completely out of their control. “What if it rains?”

True—you might have to move an outdoor ceremony indoors. And, yes—you will have to take special care of your hair and dress. But don’t automatically assume your photos will suffer.

“I think there’s an expectation for every couple to have an idyllic sunset portrait on their wedding day, and those are absolutely fantastic,” explains photographer RJ Goodwin. “But if bad weather hits, that doesn’t mean an opportunity to create something beautiful is squandered.”

Goodwin is a wedding photographer with Sam Stroud Photography. As he has learned, some of the most fun, creative and memorable shots happen under an umbrella or beneath a rain shower. Not only can inclement weather conditions give your photos character, but they also will trigger memories when you look back on the day you said, “I do.”

“The beauty of your wedding photos exists in their ability to preserve your day as it happened,” he says. “Take advantage of the conditions you have and have fun with it!”

Don’t Fret Over the Forecast

3 Ways to Ease Your Wedding Day Weather Anxiety

• Think about rainy day plans when selecting your venue. “Having a venue with a covered porch, beautiful atrium, or even large windows can help tremendously with natural lit photos of you getting ready,” says Ashley Eiban of Ashley Eiban Photography.

• If rain looks unavoidable, make a few easy purchases that are both functional and fun. “Go ahead and purchase some sturdy, clear umbrellas from Amazon and pack some socks and rain boots to keep your gorgeous wedding shoes clean!” Ashley says.

• Talk to your photographer to see what kind of unique and creative shots he or she has in mind if it rains… and even share your ideas.

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