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2023/2024 Editor’s Letter

March 14, 2023 (0) Comments

2023/2024 Editor’s Letter

When you start planning your wedding, you’ll lose count of the times people tell you that “the day goes by in a blur and it’s important to soak everything in.” Amidst all of the advice you’re likely to receive in the days and months leading up to your wedding, I encourage you to take that particular advice to heart.
When my husband and I got married, it was a flurry of activity in the week leading up to the big day. We were both wrapping up work projects so we could take time off for our honeymoon, family was arriving in droves from out of town, and last-minute details were being finalized.

Our wedding day felt like a similar flurry—hair appointments, bridal portraits, trying to remember to breathe and not trip in my high heels—all culminating in a walk down the aisle toward my best friend in the whole world. It wasn’t until after the ceremony that we both had a moment to be completely present together. As we sat down to eat at a table quietly tucked away in our lush garden venue, my new husband and I looked around the garden. Lit in the evening glow by candles and garden lights were our treasured friends and family who took time out of their summer weekend to celebrate with us. In that moment, we felt beyond grateful, loved, and supported, and it’s a moment neither of us will ever forget.

As you meticulously plan the details of your own upcoming wedding, I encourage you to give yourself similar moments of repose. As you shop for your wedding gown—find style inspo on page 8—pause to glance at the village of people around you who are helping you find the right one. As you customize your ceremony to your personality and style as a couple—more on ceremony additions on page 45—take a moment to acknowledge all of the wonderful steps that led you to this point in your relationship.

I hope this issue helps with inspiration, resources, and planning ahead of your special day. There are real weddings from the past year—featuring couples from our area—within these pages that will serve as inspiration and vendor options, and there are checklists and guidelines to look to so planning is streamlined and simple. Your wedding day truly is fleeting, so take the opportunity to soak in every beautiful moment of it.

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