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You’re Engaged? Get Plugged In

September 7, 2017 (0) Comments

You’re Engaged? Get Plugged In

6 Technology Trends to Consider

Technology is constantly transforming the way we go about our daily lives. In recent years, many new forms of technology have emerged that have changed the way we plan out even the smallest details of a wedding.

In order to save you some time and research, we’ve tracked down some of the best technology trends that will make your wedding experience so much easier.

Video Chat With Your Wedding Planner
One of the best ways to use technology to your advantage is to seize opportunities to do things electronically instead of in person. Trade in-person meetings with your wedding planner for video chats so you can make important plans and decisions from anywhere at anytime. Brandi Hall, owner of Alta Avenue Events in Richmond, says video chatting with her clients is the best way to modernize the communication process.

“Video chat allows me to get to know my clients and gives them the chance to get to know me, building a personal relationship,” says Brandi. Finding a planner that is willing to communicate this way will save you a lot of time (and gas money!) throughout your planning process.

Use One Online Registry
Many websites now allow you to create a universal registry by compiling products from a variety of stores and brands into one list. Amazon Registries and are two websites that enable you to add products from anywhere to your registry with the click of a button.

You can even sync registries you’ve already made or add the option to donate to your honeymoon fund rather than bringing a gift. Other companies like have hundreds of brands available so you can create an expansive registry without ever leaving their website.

Consider an Electronic RSVP System
With all the moving parts of wedding planning, the last thing you need to worry about is keeping track of dozens of RSVP cards being sent through the mail. There are a variety of websites that can help you organize your guest list so everything is in one place. Choosing to forgo paper RSVP cards and using an electronic system instead will make managing your guest list a breeze and expedite the wait time for people’s responses. (Younger wedding guests are more likely to use email than snail mail these days.) You’ll be especially glad you did this when it comes to writing thank you cards and everyone’s information is already stored in one place.

Engage Guests on Social Media
Hashtags and geofilters are great ways to engage your guests on social media. Coming up with a fun, customized hashtag for your guests to use when they post photos from your wedding makes it easy to look back on the fun everyone had. Just be sure your guests know how to use the hashtag, as Brandi recommends, by creating a decorative sign, placing instructions in a common area, or having your DJ announce it. Geofilters, creative overlays used on social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, are another creative way to get guests to post stories from your wedding.

Bring Your Wedding Cake to Life
Some companies are beginning to offer 3D mapping services where you can project graphics onto your wedding cake, giving the perception your cake is displaying whatever is being projected. From virtual frosting designs to fireworks, Jon Daggett, owner of Castle Event Lighting, said the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the cake projection a couple wants. This is a great way to display bride and groom photos in a creative way!

Invest in Drone Photography/Videography
Many photographers now offer packages that include the creation of a video from the wedding, or you can seek out a separate videographer as well.

From behind the scenes footage of the bridal party getting ready to your walk down the aisle, you can look back and see your big day all over again. “The day goes by so fast that the bride and groom don’t really see it as others see it on the actual wedding day,” said Linda Hall, co-owner of Love Is In The Air Events. Taking it a step further, some photographers, such as Sam Stroud Photography, use drones to get creative shots of the bride and groom. If you crave unique photos like this, drone photography might be for you.

From planning to post-wedding memories, technology can do a lot to make your wedding experience easier and your wedding celebration more enjoyable. Video chat your planner on your lunch break, make your registry from bed on a Saturday morning, and start brainstorming your #CoupleHashtag now, and watch your wedding unfold flawlessly later.

By Ally Gilbert

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