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Your Wedding Beauty Budget

August 1, 2022 (0) Comments

Your Wedding Beauty Budget

The financial side of professional makeup

There are so many little pieces in the puzzle of putting together your dream wedding. Some of the pieces are practical and necessary, some stressful, and some are just fun! (Like cake tasting…I guess, if I have to!) I may be slightly biased, but I like to think that makeup is one of the most fun and exciting parts. This is your day to flaunt perfect skin, glossy lips, and lush lashes.

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of all the potential styles, colors, and makeup options, but there are practical things to consider as well. Most brides eventually find themselves looking at the bottom line and asking themselves an important question: “How much of my wedding budget should go to the beauty category?”

beauty budget weddingHere I will break down several of the factors that go into determining your wedding beauty budget:
Type of Service
The first thing to consider is the type of event. Casual makeup styles tend to be on the lower end of the scale, with makeup for special occasions such as red carpet events and weddings being closer to the top of the range. A premium service that takes about 30 minutes will still cost less than a detailed, editorial type of makeup that could take over an hour, so be prepared for additional costs if the look you want is more elaborate.

Pricing can vary quite a lot, depending on the area in which you live. Prices can range drastically between smaller towns and larger cities, where the cost of living is higher and the economy supports higher-priced services. According, there is a wide range of makeup artist pricing, depending on where you live and the artist you choose. For most weddings though, an average would be about $75 to $125 per person.
The basic price should include everything for a complete face, from skin care prep and primers all the way to brows, bronzer, and finishing touches. Keep in mind though that extras such as faux lashes, tattoo cover, and gratuity for your artist will add to the total balance.

If you want the convenience of having makeup for your bridal party provided on-location at your venue or hotel, then travel fees can also be a factor. These fees will cover the time and effort it takes to pack up all of the artist’s gear and makeup chair, drive time, and setting up on-site to work for your group—and then packing up and doing it all in reverse.

Some artists add travel costs into their local pricing and only add extra charges if the travel exceeds a certain number of miles from their home base or studio. Others will charge a little less for services and offer to add a flat rate for local travel and more for out-of-town destinations. If the venue of your dreams turns out to be hours away from the makeup artist you love, you could be looking at substantial fees to make that happen, especially if the drive time is significant enough that your event will be the only group the artist can take care of that day.

The service cost covers the professional products the artist uses as well as the time she invests for each makeup application. Professional products are designed to photograph better and wear longer than regular cosmetics. They often come with hefty price tags, but are tried-and-true products that you can trust to last through your photos, ceremony, and reception (including hot days and those happy tears). Professional products are non-negotiable for the wedding day.

It’s a good idea to ask any makeup artist you interview about the line of products they use. Make sure you can rely on your artist to use one cohesive professional brand (products made for use together can often perform better) or at least pieces they have chosen and picked from a variety of professional lines. You don’t want to be surprised on the wedding day with cheap products you could have picked up yourself at the drugstore.

wedding beauty budgetFor many brides, the choice to use a makeup artist is a no-brainer when they start to compare what it would cost to invest in long-wear products on their own.

One factor you don’t want to overlook when comparing prices is the added value of the years of experience and professionalism an artist brings to the table. Newer artists who are building their portfolios and experience levels should be charging rates that reflect that. An experienced artist will have a larger clientele and be able to charge a premium price for quality work. A reliable, certified artist can add invaluable peace of mind on a hectic day when everything needs to go smoothly.

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