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Unique Unity

August 1, 2023 (0) Comments

Unique Unity

Unity ceremony ideas that are fun, inventive, and personal

This is where we convince you to forego mixing sand in a vase as your symbol of couple unity and instead opt for a ceremony addition that’s personalized and special. As you’re planning out your wedding ceremony, it’s likely that you’re looking for ways to make it uniquely yours—whether you opt for personalized wedding vows, a music playlist that speaks to your specific style, or accessories that have meaning. Those personal touches should also translate into your unity ceremony if you choose to incorporate one into your overall ceremony plan.

It’s likely that you’ve been to a wedding or two where a couple has simultaneously lit a candle or poured different colored sand into a vase to symbolize two becoming one. While they are absolutely wonderful sentiments, perhaps there are other creative ways to represent and honor the commitment you and your partner are making to one another. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite modern wedding unity ideas to get you started.

Planted and Pretty
If you and your partner are plant lovers or garden enthusiasts, involve plants in your unity ceremony. Nature lovers in particular will appreciate the notion of watering a tree together—which can then be taken to your home to grow and flourish alongside of your marriage.

Alternatively, you can incorporate a bit more action into your botanical bacchanalia. Have dirt, trowels, and a tree, succulent, or shrub nearby and symbolically “plant” it together. Of course, if one of you is wearing white, be mindful!

Tie the Knot
Tie the knot while you’re tying the knot with this unity ceremony idea. There are two approaches that you can follow. First, take a page out of a sailor’s book and tie a fisherman’s knot together. A fisherman’s knot is one of the strongest knots because it gets tighter with pressure—something you can wish for as your relationship continues to take life’s journey. Just spend a few days practicing your skills before the ceremony.

Secondly, if you have Celtic heritage, you could practice the ancient tradition of handfasting. With this practice, two willing suitors would fasten their hands together using knots of cloth to symbolize their betrothal and commitment to one another. In modern weddings today, that tradition is applied to the wedding ceremony to convey a similar long-term commitment.

unity ceremony ideas

Sealed for Later
Write love letters to each other before your wedding day and then take the time during your wedding ceremony to seal them up in a special box, not to be opened until a particular time or a milestone anniversary.

The love letters could be placed in the box on their own or sealed up with a special bottle of wine (preferably one that ages well). Then, when the time comes for you to open the box, you can enjoy the bottle of wine together while you read the words you wrote to one another years before.

Warm Rings, Not Cold Feet
Another tradition that originated in Ireland, like the handfasting tradition, is a ring warming ceremony. In this special tradition, the couple’s wedding rings are passed throughout the wedding party and attendants. Each recipient of the ring will hold it in their hand and “warm it up” with a wish, prayer, or positive thoughts for the couple. Then, they’ll pass the rings on to the next person until the rings are returned to the couple full of warmth and love.

Of course, if you have a large wedding, you may want to forego passing your wings through the entire crowd and instead pass them among your wedding party.

Clean Slate
Certain religions practice feet washing at a wedding ceremony to symbolize love, humility, and devotion. There is another washing ceremony that you could incorporate into your wedding, as well.

Many couples opt for a hand washing ceremony instead. In this ceremony, the couple approaches a table with a glass bowl of water and two hand towels. The washing of hands symbolizes a fresh, clean start. The couple then allows the other to dry their hands for them, signifying vulnerability with one another.

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