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Tipping Etiquette Guide

July 1, 2023 (0) Comments

Tipping Etiquette Guide

Our Tips on How to Tip

When you’re planning your wedding budget, an often-overlooked line item is gratuities for the hardworking teams who are making your day as magical as it can be. While service charges are often spelled out in your wedding vendor contracts, gratuity is often left to your discretion. We’ve outlined what’s customary for tipping each wedding vendor to make your wedding budget even clearer.

As for when to tip? Entrust a member of your bridal party to hand out tip envelopes on the day of, so it’s one less thing you need to keep track of.

In addition to financially showing your gratitude, be sure to leave your wedding vendors reviews on Google, their social media, and any other networking sites they may be a part of. And don’t forget to share your professional photos with them (with permission from your photographer) so they can use them for their portfolios in the future!

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