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Post Wedding Peace

March 18, 2020 (0) Comments

Post Wedding Peace

Tips for Planning an Intimate and Relaxing Honeymoon

If the thought of going to Walt Disney World or a similarly crowded destination for your honeymoon makes you cringe, you may want to consider a more intimate honeymoon experience. After the stress that usually accompanies a wedding, a private getaway will allow you and your spouse to shift your focus from details and itineraries to each other. Read on for Travel Lovers travel consultant Laura Tyree’s destination recommendations and tips for planning the perfect peaceful honeymoon.

Tip #1: Choose a destination that is inherently private
When it comes to romantic and secluded honeymoon spots, it’s hard to beat the Caribbean. “There are several properties in the Caribbean that have special rooms set aside for couples, and most of these can be found in Jamaica,” Tyree says. She specifically recommends Half Moon Resort and Couples Sans Souci Resort in Jamaica. There are also a few Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean that boast secluded over-the-water bungalows, but Tyree warns that these properties are in extremely high demand, making them difficult to book.

Tyree also recommends Costa Rica, Belize, and Tahiti. “In Tahiti you have a wide variety of accommodations that can be nestled back and private,” she says. “There are too many actual resort names to name, but a lot of them will offer the same things. For instance, many resorts in Tahiti have garden bungalows and over-the-water bungalows with private pools. Some people never leave those bungalows!”

If you would prefer to stay in the United States for your honeymoon, Tyree recommends two very different destinations: Hawaii and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. “We book a fair amount of cabins in the woods near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge,” Tyree says. “Most of the cabins have hot tubs and sometimes pool tables or foosball tables. Even though you’re actually fairly close to other cabins, you feel like you’re out by yourself because the cabins are nestled in the woods.”

Tip #2: Consider an off-season destination
An alternative to choosing an inherently remote honeymoon destination is choosing a destination during its off season. “Sometimes just looking at someplace off-season can make for a much quieter experience,” Tyree notes. “We’ve had couples go to ski resorts in Colorado in the summer and to Key West in the winter to avoid larger crowds.”
Added bonus: this option will also likely save you money.

Tip #3: Remember that privacy can mean lack of access
It is important to note that privacy, while seemingly completely romantic, can also mean a lack of access to food and entertainment options. As such, when selecting your honeymoon destination, plan ahead and be realistic about how secluded you really want to be. “A lot of what we’re finding is that couples want to be able to have a private place, but when they realize that private also sometimes means that they’re not close to restaurant options and attractions, sometimes they’ll shift gears,” Tyree says. “You have to ask yourself how secluded you really want to be when it comes to dining and activities.”
Regardless of the destination you choose, the most important things about your honeymoon will be the quality time you and your spouse spend together and the memories you make at the start of this beautiful new journey together.

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