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Move Over Frosting

June 1, 2022 (0) Comments

Move Over Frosting

Naked cakes emerge as a unique spin on the traditional wedding dessert

Even when budgets are small (and the wedding is too) many couples are adamant about not cutting the cake from their list of must-haves. The wedding cake is a longtime wedding tradition that provides a little something sweet for guests after an afternoon or evening of sweet moments.

But what couples are cutting back on in some cases? The frosting. One of the newest trends in wedding cakes is a “naked” version of the celebratory dessert. The single- or multi-tiered cake is filled, but is left virtually un-iced.

At first, frosting fanatics may scoff, but as Ashley Cherrington of Sweet Indulgence Bakery explains, the icing isn’t obsolete.

“There is a very thin layer of icing around the outside of the cake to seal it and prevent it from drying out, but the individual cake layers and filling are able to be seen,” she says.

Cherrington has had lots of requests for naked cakes in the past year or so. She believes that couples like the minimalistic look they give off.

“It’s a beautiful way to achieve a simple look while still maintaining the elegance of a wedding,” she says.

While naked cakes are often ordered for barn or rustic-style weddings, Cherrington says this style of cake is versatile and can fit many aesthetics.

“Because it typically has little to no decor, it can fit any style wedding,” Cherrington explains. “Many opt to add florals for that added touch of beauty.”

Other Wedding Cake Trends:
Comb Design—Cake has horizontal lines around each tier.

Rough-Icing—Instead of smooth and polished, these cakes embrace the messy icing look.

Small Cake with Sweet Extras—
Some couples downsize to a regular round cake to use for their cake cutting and have cupcakes or cookies on hand for guests to grab at their leisure.

Cakes by Sweet Indulgence Bakery

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