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Boho Bouquets

March 4, 2020 (0) Comments

Boho Bouquets

Free-flowing, natural arrangements take center stage

bridal bouquet ideasLong gone are the days of wedding bouquets bursting with vibrant blooms synched together by pearls and lace. Today’s brides are selecting more understated arrangements for their walk down the aisle, and of particular interest to modern wives-to-be are boho bouquets.

Boho, the colloquial term for Bohemian, is a fashion trend that places natural beauty and earthy tones at its core. A style that once typified nomads and mid–20th century hippies has resurfaced and is infusing the wedding scene with foliage-forward arrangements, flowing stems and naturally-gathered accents. Florists bind together succulents, thistle, eucalyptus and other naturally occurring greenery to create a freshly harvested look. The organic bouquet is then accentuated by pops of color from single stems and berries, notably peonies, ranunculus, pepper berries and elderberries.

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